Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Log

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Log

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Adorned with an array of flowers and plants that heal your heart and soothe your soul. Burn this log in ceremony to celebrate the life and love of your companions. Each flower holds the joy and vibrance they brought into this world. A Strawflower sits on top of the wax heart, to gently remind you that tthey is residing in the warmth of your love.

One the otherside of your log there is a paper scroll. In this scroll, write your message - say whatever you wish... roll it back up and tie it back to the log. Keep the Rose for later.

Carve their name and your name into the blank heart. Burn in ceremony on the full moon. This sends your love and words to the heavens and eternally bonds you two together. Place the Rose on top of the ash pile as an offering to the universe

*please note - each log is unique to you*