Good Luck Spell Bottle Kit
Good Luck Spell Bottle Kit

Good Luck Spell Bottle Kit

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This darling little kit has everything you need to make your very own spell bottle 


Each kit features // 

Abundance Candle 

Black Salt

Spell Bottle

Tiger’s Eye 

Eucalyptus// removes any obstacles in your way  

Thyme// brings motivation and belief in one’s self 

Sage// Purifying, brings protection and removes self doubt

Balsam // Prosperity, good fortune and vitality

Ritual // 

Create a quite space where you can really begin to set your intentions. Remove all items from your bag and place them in front of you. To begin write your wish of abundance on the Eucalyptus leaf, this could be money, success, love and anything else you wish to have an abundance of. Break apart your leaf while envisioning the life you wish for. See what is that you want, and feel it with your whole being. Place the broken parts of the leaf into your spell bottle.

Next, carve your wish or a symbol of it into your green candle. Light it (never leave a candle burning unsupervised) As the wax begins to melt and your wish infuses the candle - place the remainder of the plants into your bottle and put the cork on. 


”"I call upon the powers that be,
To bring what I want straight to me,
By Fire, Ait, Earth and Sea,
As I say... So mote it be"

Carefully use the melted wax from your candle to seal your bottle. (Blow out the flame and let the wax cool a bit before pouring on top) 

allow the wax to harden and place your tiger’s eye beside the bottle. Charge under the following full moon and bring your bottle and crystal wherever you go! When you feel you no longer need it, pass it along to someone who does