Cord Cutting Kit

Cord Cutting Kit

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Use this kit to cut the cord between you and someone or something you wish to release.



•2 chime candles 

•2 Cast Iron holders adorned with Triple Moons 

•Banishing Oil 


Begin by burning the Rosemary to purify and cleanse the set, space and yourself. Next carve a symbol or name of whatever it is you wish to release into one candle, on the other candle carve your name. Take your banishing oil and rub it into both candles along with anointing yourself. This binds you to the spell.

Place the candles about 1-3 inches apart
and tie the string around them so that it
connects both candles. Burn the candles and
allow the string to burn and break away. Use your anointing oil daily until it’s gone (you can also pour into the bath on the Last Quarter Moon)