You’ve Got the Love - Mini Witches Bottle

You’ve Got the Love - Mini Witches Bottle

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You’ve Got the Love - Mini Witches Bottle 

Tap into the highest vibration we experience


This bottle was created to amplify love given and love received. On the full moon write your name on a tiny bit of paper and place inside of your bottle. Allow the bottle to soak in the moon light for the entire evening. On the following New Moon empty the contents into your bathwaters and soak up the loving magick. At the end of your bath scoop all of the plant and crystal material + offer it back to the Earth as an offering. 

included in your bottle

Crystal Quartz- to amplify magical properties + spell work 

Carnelian- to usher in love of all kinds along with romance and passion 

Rose Stem and Lavender to calm the spirit + remind you of your worth 

Rose Petal and Statice- for patience + compassion

Magnolia Bark- for inner peace + healthy relationships (with yourself and others)

Eucalyptus for eternal growth + release of what no longer serves you 

Himalayan Salt- for gentle protection 

Red Wax- for fire energy