Wildflower Wishing Spell 🌻 DIY mini spell bottle

Wildflower Wishing Spell 🌻 DIY mini spell bottle

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Use this kit to make your very own wishing spell bottle!

Included in your kit is//

*Abundance Candle to attract your wish
•Wildflowers as offerings
•Mini spell vial
•Pinch of Lavender to burn prior to creating

To begin, seperate all your items. Save 1/2 of your Lavender to burn prior to making your bottle. As you burn the lavender flowers allow it to cleanse you and your space of any self doubt. Next place your wildflowers into the bottle and sprinkle a bit of lavender on top. Say your wish out loud as you do this. Find a small piece of paper and write
the wish out, place this is the bottle and cork it. Carve a symbol or word representing your wish into the candle. As the wax melts - pour on top of the cork to seal your spell. Allow the candle to burn entirely. Bury your spell bottle in the ground on the full moon