The Witch + The Wand Set [ooak]

The Witch + The Wand Set [ooak]

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the perfect set of witchy essentials!
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cast iron mini cauldron

loose incense blend

set of color magick spell candles

5 vials of herbs with magickal properties card

quartz conjuring wand

clear quartz + smoky quartz crystals

xl lavender burn bundle

Before using your wand for the first time, you’ll want to cleanse and recharge its energy. It’s also a good idea to spend some time with your new wand to attune to its energy and get familiar with its weight and its feel. Later when you’re using your wand, you may be able to sense subtle changes in its vibrations, weight, temperature, or even color when it encounters negative energy.

Program your wand with your intention. If the intention is to heal a particular ailment or condition, hold the cleansed wand in your hands and state your intent. You can do this with either your inside voice or your outside one. Be sure to cleanse and recharge the wand after every use.

The rounded end of a wand is considered “receptive” and will draw out energy from where it’s placed. The pointed end of a healing wand directs or focuses energy toward the area pointed at and can be used to transmit or send healing energy into the body, aura or energy field.