The Star + Moon Crystal Set
The Star + Moon Crystal Set
The Star + Moon Crystal Set

The Star + Moon Crystal Set

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comes with //
moonstone votive holder/offering dish
sunshine aura quartz crystal cluster
color match tea lights

this beautiful crystal set was inspired by the sun + the moon, two cosmic miracles that bestow radiant energy, reliability + power upon us day in + day out. reminding us about the important of both darkness + light and the sacred art of working together to create oneness.

the sun is the brightest + most central star in the solar system and is symbolic of hope, purpose in renewal in the ancient art of the tarot. represented in this set by a miraculous sunshine aura quartz, this crystal glows with light + color. take your crystal outside during peak sunlight + let it charge with solar rays. as night begins to fall bring your crystal in + set it beside your moonstone so it may share its special power.

the moon in the tarot set brings with it the depth of illusion, the power of intuition + the magnitude of the subconscious. the moon represents your fears + illusions and often comes out when you are projecting fear into your present + your future, based on your past experiences. as you set your sunshine quartz next to your moonstone, meditate on shining a light on your fears. exposing them + their anxiety inducing spirals. disturb their heavy patterns + work to tame their powerful energy. light your candle + further transfer to light towards these dark places. let the synergy of these stones + intentions create more space for you to see things more clearly. may you glow + grow in perfect harmony.

[each will vary slightly to honor the beauty + uniqueness of nature]