The Smoky Garden . Terrarium Set
The Smoky Garden . Terrarium Set
The Smoky Garden . Terrarium Set

The Smoky Garden . Terrarium Set

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ft. gold terrarium hanger
6 turquoise crystals
1 xl smoky quartz
spell candle

Like the color of midnight cloud beneath the moon, Smoky Quartz seems to capture all the mysterious delight of the mystical world, but its true strength sits in its powerful grounding properties. Ever ready to neutralize negativity coming your way, Smoky Quartz is an anchor against the storm. Like a magickal elixir for the soul, this stone can serve as a spiritual detox, an amplifier of positive energy, + a talisman for the root chakra.

Build your beautiful garden inside the terrarium triangular, a symbol/shape often used to mark cycles of growth that lead us to a higher state of being. Before placing your crystal, light your spell candle + drip it on the back of the quartz. With each drip, remind yourself of the things that never fail to ground you + make you feel secure. Place your quartz + earth + take + hold your turquoise crystals in your hand — heating them with your radiant energy + letting their natural inclination to balance + align transfer to you. Arrange the rest of your garden + hang in a sunny spot so it may absorb negativity + reflect light into your space.