The Love Between Us ❤️ Spell Casting Set

The Love Between Us ❤️ Spell Casting Set

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The Love Between Us ❤️ Spell Casting Set

featuring //

XL Antique Owl Altar Chalice 

3 Floating Heart Candles

Carving Stick

3 Mandarin Slices 

3 Lime Slices 

Rose Quartz

Crystal Quartz

Salt Blend

Vanilla and Cinnamon Oil

Dried Roses


Use this set to strengthen the bond between you and your partner. This can enhance love, communication, togetherness and friendship. Full ritual instructions included 

This set is best used on the New Moon

Begin by cleansing your space with the provided Cedar. Allow the smoke to surround you and your partner. 

Place water into your Owl Dish, filling almost to the top. Gently place into the water, the following

Salt to banish evil or negativity from the relationship

Rose Quartz for love + gentle compassion with one another

Crystal Quartz to amplify the magick

1 Mandarin Slice for optimism + a overall happiness together

Lime for a fresh start or new beginning 

Cinnamon and Vanilla Oil Blend for passion, fire and romance 

Next, take your candle and carving tool and each carve one another’s names. Draw a circle around the names being sure that the circle is infinite with no breaks in the lines 

gentle place your candle into the water and light your candle. Allow this candle and water to be bathed by the moon light. 

Once the candle has finished its burn cycle pour the water back into the Earth. As it seeps back into nature thank the universe for bringing the two of you together