The Jade Goddess ✨ Potion Mist
The Jade Goddess ✨ Potion Mist

The Jade Goddess ✨ Potion Mist

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european rose water, pele goddess essential oil blend, rose quartz crystal infusion + glass misting bottle adorned with a truly stunning jade leaf crystal.

Jade // teaches us to allow joy into our lives. It helps us to calm the nervous system + channels our deepest passions in constructive ways. Green jade can be used to harmonize relationships + enhance compassion for yourself + others. This earthy green stone opens + cleanses the heart chakra + helps us to release ourselves from anger + that which does not serve us as we grow.
Pele Goddess Oil // blended to honor the powerful earth-eating goddess of fire, lightning + volcanic eruptions. Pele is a traditional Hawaiian symbol of the resilience, adaptability + true, natural passion.
Mist your potion into the air in front of you + step into a practice that enables you to move closer to your own divine power. Refillable bottle.

[each will vary slightly to honor the beauty + uniqueness of nature]