The English Rose . Tea Set
The English Rose . Tea Set

The English Rose . Tea Set

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🌹The English Rose Tea Set

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Vintage english china tea cup

Vintage crescent moon pink rose dish

18 ct. gold lined pink agate mini serving tray

organic/fair trade pink hibiscus tea

organic rose petal honey

faux gem spoon

positively enamored with this adorable little tea lovers set! dripping with gold accents + warm, rosie pinks, this set was designed to fill your heart+body with tender vibrations of positive energy. enjoying tea for one can be a truly beautiful act of self care + we recommend setting up a small spread of your favorite treats + truly diving into the experience.

English Roses symbolize natural beauty + pink agate radiates with nurturing energy. It’s said to resonate with al types of feminine energy, allowing you to embrace your soul with supportive love. Like the voice of a maternal figure, it casts away self-doubt + helps to build confidence from within.