The Black Moon Altar Set
The Black Moon Altar Set
The Black Moon Altar Set
The Black Moon Altar Set

The Black Moon Altar Set

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featuring //
triple moon altar cloth
vintage crimson mini chalice
full moon obsidian scrying mirror
aura quartz crescent moon pendant
smoky quartz + clear quartz crystals
dragon’s blood herb bundle
vial of white + black salt
personal power votive
gem spoon

it was a true pleasure letting this set fall together piece by piece. There is beauty + balance + wonder + possibility. This set is yours to conjure with, but we’ll provide some information on each item to help you connect + create beauty synergy.

more about scrying mirrors // just like a crystal ball, this is an ancient form of divination involving gazing into the surface to see images or visions that reveal something about a specific question asked during a ritual or meditation. It isn’t about seeing the future per se (though historically it has been used as such), but more about revealing parts of our unconscious, or the collective unconscious. It is a little like dream interpretation in the sense that images + symbols hold personal meanings which can be focused on to gain deeper understanding. Obsidian is a stone of physic protection, grounding, cleansing of negativity + spiritual communication. So it is an excellent stone to use for both its naturally mirrored finish, + its unique energetic properties while performing this practice.