Spellbound Spa Kits - Take home beauty ritual + online routine

Spellbound Spa Kits - Take home beauty ritual + online routine

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Our popular workshops are now being made available online! We begin to create our Beauty Witch video library with the very first offering: Winter Beauty Magic!

Here is where we gather to align with the season to elevate our beauty and wellness rituals, return to the temple of our bodies, and conjure lush potions to enjoy all Winter long. 

Beauty, nutrition, movement, sensuality, glamour (and, of course, potions!) entwine with the cosmos to give us a unique advantage in what can often be a challenging time of year.  

With your purchase you will receive a link to download a video for reference year after year, plus a Beauty Box of ingredients to concoct the workshop potions. 

You will need only to supply avocado oil, easily found in large groceries, health food shops, and online. 

About Alise Marie 

Alise Maria is an Author, actress, and certified holistic nutritionist. She is passionate about a plant-powered lifestyle aligned with the cycles of the earth and stars. 

She has been conjuring botanical beauty potions for over thirty years, drawing from ancient traditions, herbalism, astrology, and  tarot.  She invites you to enjoy these potent  rituals that embrace life with sensuality, glamour, and joie de vivre. 

Ms. Marie has been featured internationally in magazines, websites, podcasts, and live events. She is a quarterly contributor to Enchanted Living magazine, which also hosts her monthly online column, The Beauty Witch.  

She recently launched  her boutique line of eco-luxe beauty products which have rapidly developed a cult following.  Her first book The Beauty Witch's Secrets : Recipes and Rituals For The Modern Goddess (Llewellyn), has been released internationally, and is found wherever books are sold.