Sacred Fires ☆ Crystal Garden
Sacred Fires ☆ Crystal Garden

Sacred Fires ☆ Crystal Garden

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large crystal quartz point
vial of yellow rose petals
fluorite slab
sunflower petals
faux gem spoon
mini cauldron [ceramic* or cast iron] *color of ceramic cauldrons vary slightly

Designed to honor the fire within. The force that keeps us going, the determination that inspires, the fuel + fortitude to help us perpetually reach for more. Arrange your garden in a place where it can watch over you + provide you with the extra reminders you may need on a day that lacks shine. On your birthday, release the cork from the vial + send your petals into a sacred fire as an offering to your journey to come.

Perfect for the 3 fire signs // Sagittarius.Aries.Leo!

Fluorite for growth+renewal
Crystal quartz for clarity+amplification
Sunflower petals to represent the fire element
Rosebuds to represent your potential

[each will vary slightly to honor the beauty + uniqueness of nature]