Rose of Jericho Gift Set- XL
Rose of Jericho Gift Set- XL

Rose of Jericho Gift Set- XL

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This set features // 3 floating candles to seal your water spells, Selenite, a glass corked vial for your water and one XL Rose of Jericho

Known as the “resurrection plant” for its quality of coming back to life. The plant when not near a water source curls up into a dry ball. When supplied again with water, the plant magically opens up with beautiful, fern like leaves. This plant turns a bright, vibrant green when in water, and when removed, it goes back into a state of hibernation until water is introduced once again.

Rose of Jericho water has many magical benefits

Sprinkle the water around your home or business for general blessings and good fortune

Make a circle on the back of your front door for added protection

Add Jericho Rose Water to floor washes and baths for Money Drawing and Abundance Work

Use as a “Holy Water” to keep out evil spirits and energies.

Sprinkle water around your home or office if energies are stagnant or unpleasant, Jericho Rose Water brings peaceful vibrations to environments.

Wash the outside of your candles before burning them for added blessing and good luck in your work.

Bless your favorite jewelry, crystals and altar tools with Jericho Rose Water.