Pisces + The Moon 🌙 Tarot Spell Candle

Pisces + The Moon 🌙 Tarot Spell Candle

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Like Pisces, The Moon card is associated with the subconscious and often highlights idealism, suggesting that things are not as they may appear, The Moon card also represents our secretive side or “shadow self”

The dog and the wolf in this card represent how
our wild side blends with our tame side. This recurring theme of unity can also be found in the towers. They symbolize the practical life that most of us lead, while the path between them reminds us of the more meaningful life that we desire. This is very true to the nature of Pisces, who are always dreaming of something more fantastic than what is actually in front of them.

The water on The Moon card symbolizes the subconscious. The crustacean emerging from the water represents “coming into consciousness” and the possession of psychic abilities, which is
often true of those born under Pisces.

We invite you to explore the Moon Card and how it relates to you personally. Any time you light your candle, explore the moon and yourself, let the flame be the light guiding you inward.

Each candle was poured half way, and a one of a kind sigil spell - intuitively made for the recipient - is carved and anointed. This spell brings you protection in all magick and guidance from the dream world 

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