Onyx Potion Bottle
Onyx Potion Bottle

Onyx Potion Bottle

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vintage lavender crackle glass bottle
onyx crystal ball bottle topper
small vial of anointing oil

Perfect for moon water, decadent bath oils, as a meditation tool or just perfectly witchy decor!

Onyx is the stone of inner + physical strength. It increases endurance + persistence, helping you to see any task through to completion. Onyx sharpens your mental focus, assisting you in meeting with mastery what lies ahead. This stone boosts the retention of memory + helps you to control, focus + direct the will. Onyx emanates self-mastery + facilitates an increase in personal power, while calming any nervousness + anxiety. Due to its sphere like shape, this onyx crystal ball will be able to evenly disperse its magick in all directions surrounding it.

ONYX AFFIRMATION // I work on my chosen goals+dreams with crystal clear focus, discipline, unrelenting perseverance + graceful efficiency.