Mushroom Magick
Mushroom Magick

Mushroom Magick

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Mushroom Magick ⭐️ Tree Ornament 

How over the top adorable are these lil’ mushies!?

Our dear friend Tonja Santos made these - one by one with LOVE

In folklore, seeing a mushroom is a sign that a witch was present. It is also said to open up a portal to the fairy world. In this world angels, fairies and humans can mingle as one. Magick flows through this space connecting our realm with the realms of enchantment.

Each ornament comes with a Celestite crystal, one single rose and a gift bag. Celestite further connects us to our angels in other realms that can no longer be here in our world.

Hang on your tree and hide the Celestite crystal somewhere in the branches. Place your one single rose into the Earth as a gift of love to your angels, fairies and community of witches here on Earth.