Mystic Moon Crystal+Candle Set [ooak]

Mystic Moon Crystal+Candle Set [ooak]

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ft //

rare pink amethyst crescent moon

raw moonstone shimmer tea light holder

12 assorted botanical tea lights (one for each full moon of the year)

together this set brings you closer to the magic of the moon + helps you bring its light right into your hear + home. 

Moonstone // is known to the be the stone of inner strength + growth. and due to its symbolic connection to the moon, moonstone is also thought to represent new beginnings. Just like the moon gradually grows and fades only to be endlessly reforged in the night sky, so does moonstone connect us to the process of starting anew.

Pink Amethyst is know for its abilities to guide and heal. This stone carries an incredibly strong energy and is referred to as a master healer. It brings determination, will power and clarity that will help you to discover and align to your highest
aspirations. Pink amethyst also carries strong healing abilities bringing comfort to you as you release unwanted stress and trauma, restoring joy and peace to your heart and soul.