Melt Away ☆ Ritual Candle

Melt Away ☆ Ritual Candle

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In tarot + magick, the seemingly strong imagery of skulls + death are often associated with something positive, such as rebirth + leaving behind things from our past that are energetically holding us back from achieving the joy that we truly deserve.

This beautiful handcrafted beeswax skull is covered with a stunning shimmer + crushed red rose petals to remind you that ever fiber of your being, inside + out, is surrounded by the love that fills the natural world. Adorned with lavender flower within its orbitals to help you see the world in front of you with more tranquility + to help you attract a love that is more peaceful + nourishing.

Nestled within the skull is a rose quartz crystal that will reveal itself as your candle burns + you work on meditating on how deeply worthy you are of being loved.