Lavender Moon Broom Kit
Lavender Moon Broom Kit

Lavender Moon Broom Kit

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**this item ships the second week of December**

Create your own aromatic lavender moon broom filled with beauty, whimsy + the magick of the moon. (ALSO AVAILABLE PREMADE BY US)

Filled with plant magic to lift your spirits + ease your mind. Lavender brings with it the ability to calm, cleanse, + balance. If you wish to offer lavender to your surroundings, you may pick off pieces of your broom as time goes on + light a single bloom to help cleanse your sacred space + clear the air around you of negative energy.

Receiving its name from the Goddess of the Moon, Selenite brings with it peace, harmony, and soul healing to your body, mind, spirit, + surroundings. It can help to stabilize emotions + clear away confusion due to its connection to the crown chakra. Selenite is the perfect crystal for purifying your body + surrounding of unwanted energy.

36 inch broom
Selenite crescent moon crystal
Bunch of dried-with-love lavender

Hot glue gun