Land + Home Blessing - Ritual Kit
Land + Home Blessing - Ritual Kit

Land + Home Blessing - Ritual Kit

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•Mugwort to clear the space and raise vibrations

•Figwort to ward off evil spirits 

•Pine for abundance

•Rose for infinite love

•Lime for peace and purification 

•Magnolia for harmony 

•Selenite to clear and protect at all times 


To use// bring all of your herbs and fruit to a boil and let simmer for an hour or two, keep adding water if needed - allow this magickal fragrance to fill your home - we recommend opening your windows as you do this, this allows all of the negative or stagnant energy to leave. 

After an hour or two (or more if it feels right to you) pour into bottle or bowl, allow it to cool before pouring into the container.

Head on outside and starting at your front door working clockwise, sprinkle the mixture. Create an entire circle around your home while envisioning an orb of protection around your land and home. 

Place your Selenite above or beside your front door to continuously clear energy coming into your home