Home + Land Protection ✨ Spell Jar
Home + Land Protection ✨ Spell Jar

Home + Land Protection ✨ Spell Jar

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Home + Land Protection Spell Jar

On the full moon inscribe your candle with your address and the names of people in your home. Light the candle and allow it to full burn in its entirety as it’s spell casting drips down the jar.

Inside you’ll find various powerful plants and a Crystal Quartz - these plants work in harmony to cast an orb of protection around you, your family and your entire space. It creates boundaries that can not be crossed and not only shields you from evil, but repels the energy back.

On the new moon, bury or hide your spell jar somewhere on your property - sprinkle the black witches salt (that comes with this set on top of where it’s buried or around where you hid it

featuring: Eucalyptus for repealing evil, Balsam Fir to bring strength and breakup negative energy, Blue Thistle to cleanse and restore radiant energy, Cedar to purify and shield, Witches Salt to absorb low vibrating energy and dispose of it, Quartz to amplify all magical powers

MANTRA // Protect me now, protect me always.