Goddess ☆ Spell Candle
Goddess ☆ Spell Candle
Goddess ☆ Spell Candle

Goddess ☆ Spell Candle

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GODDESS ☆ Spell Candle

Burn this candle when you need to be reminded of your sacred feminine powers, undeniable beauty + fierce female strength.

The color pink is made by mixing the color red (passion, fire, love + boosted self esteem) with white (calming, grounding, peace + higher self) resulting in a beautiful balance of radical self love, deep inner peace + goddess worthy confidence.

This candle is adorned with:

•Angel Aura Quartz (to celebrate your bright eternal shine)

•Blue Hydragea to realize + fully appreciate your vast power as a divine existence

•Cedar to cleanse away self doubt + fear

•Sage to remove emotional blockages and fully tune in to your goddess power

•Cinnamon to ignite the majestic fire you hold within

•White carving candle to seal your spell