Garden of Wisdom // DIY Terrarium
Garden of Wisdom // DIY Terrarium
Garden of Wisdom // DIY Terrarium

Garden of Wisdom // DIY Terrarium

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comes with //
seeded eucalyptus
9 in glass terrarium
lavender burning bundle
twine bundle for hanging
amethyst crystal cluster (with stand)
titanium aura quartz cluster
clear quartz cluster
jade turtle

This gorgeous hanger is centered around the energy of a beautiful little jade turtle that rests above a bed of lush green moss. Turtles are a symbol of wisdom, endurance + a long, beautiful life — and we hope this little talisman reminds you to celebrate yourself + your ability to adapt + endure as you radiate your own natural beauty + wisdom during the process.
Arrange your garden in a way that speaks to you + along the way take time to connect with each bit of radiant earth provided. After you settle on an arrangement, light your lavender burning bundle + cleanse your creation as you invite the calming + grounding energy of this fragrant plant into the long, full life ahead of you.

silver titanium aura quartz // provides you with energetic alignment + invites balance into your life.
amethyst // acts as a beacon of protection for your home + to those that you invite into it.
clear quartz // works to clarify + amplify all of the energy + intention that you bring into your garden.
jade // for growth