Fires Within
Fires Within
Fires Within

Fires Within

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Fires Within 🌹Beeswax  Cauldron Candle

This Red cauldron is bubbling over with the magick of love, passion and fire.

Red, in color Magick brings lust, inspiration, creativity, love, passion and romance

Sprinkled with Statice and Rose Petals these flowers melt into the top of the cauldron as it burns, further infusing the wax with love magick

Prior to lighting your candle, carve your wishes of love or write you and your partners name on top of the cauldron. Draw a heart around the name(s)

On the Full Moon get your candle ready to burn. Use the provided salt and rose petals to create a circle of protection around your candle. Light and allow to burn for a minimum of 1 hour.

Each time your go to burn your candle again…carve your name(s) with a heart and allow to burn one full hour.

At the end of the burn cycle, finish melting the rest of the candle in a ceremonial fire.. as it melts away hold the names you carved into the candle deep in your heart.