DIY Moon Water Kit
DIY Moon Water Kit
DIY Moon Water Kit

DIY Moon Water Kit

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This kit comes with everything you need to make your own moon water infused with your intentions, wishes or hopes for the next moon cycle 

This magickal set comes with

•Glass Jar

•Lunar Intention Candle 

•Witches Broom Kyanite


•Spellcasting Protection Salt

On the full moon fill your jar with water. Carve your floating candle with an intention, hope or wish… this could be written in symbols or letters so you can fit numerous wishes on one candle. Place in the water and allow it to float. 

Sit with your water for a moment and envision all that you want or wish to release. As the moon for her guidance and thank her for the help. Light your Eucalyptus on fire (use a fire safe bowl or plate to keep the smoldering plant in) allow this rejuvenating aroma to deeply cleanse, revive and enhance the energy around you and your water. Again, sit for a moment and thank the plant for its help in cleansing this sacred space. 

With the jar placed in direct moon light, sprinkle salt in a full circle around the vessel. This protects us and closes the magick off to any evil spirits 

Place the kyanite at the front of the jar outside of the salt circle. Light your candle and allow it to burn in its entirety.  Place the lid on the jar and allow it to soak up the moon light for the rest of the evening.  

To use your intention and wish infused moon water, pour into your bath waters to fully submerge yourself with these intentions. This can also be used as a daily intention spray or poured over you in the shower 

Refill Kit includes: 

3 intention candles, 3 sprigs of Eucalyptus + a Spellcasting Protection Salt 

*Each kit comes with an intuitively picked tumbled stone for the outside of the jar (this stone may help guide you in your wishes of the moon)