(at home) DIY Charm Necklace KIT

(at home) DIY Charm Necklace KIT

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Magickal jewelry has long since been used as a tool to protect, conjure, and manifest. Create a custom charm necklace to help you manifest that which you desire or celebrate that which you have + hold sacred. May also be used as a ’just for fun’ piece to add to your collection!

Includes //

Chain (18 ct. gold plated or stainless steel)

Assorted charms (~20)

  • let us know about some of the things you love, colors you are drawn to, etc. - in the notes at checkout + we’ll do our best to pick charms that we think you’ll love. We will also intuitively select some for you!
  • each kit will come with enough charms to create a design + have some left over to swap out + change up over time

Chain clasp

Jump rings

Jewelry pliers (let us know if you do not need these)

*please note we will match most charms to your desired chain color, but an assortment of different metals may be included to give you more options*