Cosmic Love ⭐️ DIY Spell Bottle

Cosmic Love ⭐️ DIY Spell Bottle

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Cosmic Love ⭐️ DIY Spell Bottle

This set comes with everything you need to make your very own spell bottle.

The Cosmic Love spell uses the power of plants, color, candles and moon magick. It ties you to the infinite love of the universe.

We invite you to meditate on the New Moon on what love means to you. This could be love of any and all kinds. What resonates with you the most on this particular night?

begin by lighting your incense and burning in full to cleanse the space. 

Once your space is cleansed write a letter to the universe asking to be wrapped in this infinite love. Be detailed in what you want. Place the note into the bottle. Next, take your string and tie a knot for each wish of love, along with a knot for each thing you wish to release. Place the string in the bottle. Add the plants and flowers that feel most powerful to you 

Add a drop of anointing oil and seal with the entire wax candle. Use the leftover anointing oil to anoint yourself (add to bath waters or place on the bottom of your feet) 

bury in the Earth and allow the universe to deliver you magick 

This set comes with

•Cleansing Incense
•Hydrangea // pure love and Blossoming relationships 
•Rose // compassion and self love 
•Statice // inner peace 
•Magnolia // romance and binding 
•Balsm Fir // purifying 
•Cosmic Love Anointing Oil
•Sealing wax