Color Magick ✨ Chime Candles

Color Magick ✨ Chime Candles

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Color Magick ✨ Chime Candles 

•Set of 10 candles• 

Featuring // 

Black // Absorbs negative energy, protection, Earth
energy, deep meditation, power of the unconscious

White // Clarity, protection, contact with elemental beings, consecration, cleansing, breaking curses

Purple // Spirituality, wisdom, intuition, divination, psychic skill, protection from "psychic vampires"

Pink // Happiness, self-love & esteem, romance, nurturing, peace, friendship, emotional healing, youth

Blue // Meditation, tranquility, peace, truth, wisdom,
devotion, healing, remembering dreams

Light Blue // Clear communication, balance, intellectual + intuitive insight, creativity, adapting
to change

Orange //  Strength, success, attraction, good fortune, feasting + celebration, optimism, encouragement

Red // Love, passion, courage, strength, success in times of conflict or danger, sexuality, vigorous

Yellow // Communication, air element, confidence, joy, banishing depression

Green // Healing, prosperity, growth, nature
connection, fertility, rejuvenation, balance, happy