Aphrodisiac Ritual ♡ Love Honey
Aphrodisiac Ritual ♡ Love Honey

Aphrodisiac Ritual ♡ Love Honey

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made with  l o v e +

vanilla. for vitality

red rose . for love

damiana. for passion

orange. for joy


comes topped with a rose quartz crystal, a faux gem spoon for serving + assorted fair trade/organic teas

Love is the language of the soul that allows us to unleash its unlimited cosmic capacity. It is a poetic + aesthetic act, a celebratory rite, + a marriage of matter + spirit as an experience of conscious wholeness. Sacred physical connection is an inherently healing practice. It’s about respite, reverie, + rebirth — to use one’s body to consciously connect to self or others can be the most divine expression of life on earth.

Enjoy this honey with another loved being or .y o u r s e l f. to stimulate physical transcendence + intimate empowerment.

[Each will vary slightly to honor the beauty + uniqueness of nature]