Amethyst Moon ☆ Spell Bottle
Amethyst Moon ☆ Spell Bottle

Amethyst Moon ☆ Spell Bottle

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Adorned with a large clear quartz point, lavender aura quartz tumble orangel aura tumble + a strikingly stunning lavender aura quartz point/core. Filled with long stem French lavender, organic rose petals, strawflower, blue hydrangea, cedar, eucalyptus + statice — all intermingling with plant synergy designed to help you exude a calm, grounded, unshakable power + natural beauty.

Clear quartz is a natural amplifier, working with the plants + crystals surrounding it to raise their individual + collective vibrations. Angel aura quartz awakens piece of mind + lavender aura works to help you release, regulate + restore.

May this bottle remind you of your own natural beauty + fill your space with radiance.

SQUARE BOTTLE // includes amethyst aura point + quartz topper

ROUND BOTTLE // includes quartz point + amethyst aura core topper

[each will vary slightly to honor the beauty + uniqueness of nature]