Circle Casting Ritual Incense

Circle Casting Ritual Incense

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Comes with 5 hand dipped incense and a brass bell 

Casting a circle is a ritual many witches do before performing magic, practicing divination, or really any occasion when you need to work with energy. There are many ways to cast a circle, and a very powerful way to do this is by “calling in the Elements”.

This is a term used by witches that describes the process of calling on the help of each element, one-by-one at the beginning of a ritual or any sacred occasion.

There are several reasons witches choose to invoke the energy of the elements. It’s done as a form of protection while doing witchcraft, a way to add more power to whatever magic you’re practicing, or simply a way to feel connected to nature during a meditation.

Earth, air, fire, and water are the four classical elements used to call in the quarters. We also include a fifth element—spirit. You are welcome to do that as well if that resonates with you. Each element is associated with a specific direction, Spirit is honored within. 





Light your incense + Ring your bell prior to casting your circle. This blend will add protection, strengthen your connection with nature + magick and bring power to your spell casting