4 Corners ✨ Home Protection Kit

4 Corners ✨ Home Protection Kit

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Featuring //

•Cedar burnable wand 

•Red Jasper

•Tiger’s Eye



•4 Corner Blend 

Use your Cedar wand and use the smoke to cleanse your space (keep windows open to allow old or unwanted energy to exit the space) really paying attention to the corners and doorways 

Separate the mix into four equal parts and put them in their own jars along with one stone. Place each
jar in corner of your home or land. When used
on the go, just place a small pinch in the
corners of the space or property. 

Rice // Abundance
Sage // Higher Vibrations
Lavender // Peace
Sea Salt // Wares off evil or harm

Bloodstone // Smooth energy flow

Tiger’s Eye // Courage, Strength and Protection 

Red Jasper // Security and Stability 

Sodalite // Harmony