Blue Moon Crystal + Candle Set
Blue Moon Crystal + Candle Set

Blue Moon Crystal + Candle Set

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blue hydrangea tea light set
raw moonstone candle holder
celestite crystal cluster amplifier

Often seen as a veiled spectacle of light and/or clouds passing before the moon in the dark night. Moonstone mesmerizes us + is connected us to the divine femininity possessed by lunar energy. A natural amplifier of intuition, balance + wishes, this gorgeous stone will offer you protection as you move through the healing processes of life.

Connected to the third eye chakra, Celestite helps us move towards wisdom, understanding, mindfulness + elevated consciousness.

Connected to the moon + said to help you attract, banish + bring blessings.

Inspired by the blue moon, a phenomenon that brings us a second full moon in a month’s time. This set was designed to remind you that second chances happen!