Cleanse + Protect Bath Ritual Set
Cleanse + Protect Bath Ritual Set
Cleanse + Protect Bath Ritual Set

Cleanse + Protect Bath Ritual Set

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moss colored vintage dish
jade crystal roller
nephrite jade stone
organic jojoba oil
vial of rose petal powder
eucalyptus bath salts
botanical votive candle set

The magick of Jade helps us to calm the nervous system + channels our deepest passions in constructive ways. It can be used to harmonize the relationship we have with ourself + to enhance compassion for yourself + others. This earthy green stone opens + cleanses the heart chakra + helps us to release ourselves from anger + that which does not serve us as we grow.

Draw up a nice warm bath + add your eucalyptus bath salt blend to enhance cleansing + shedding that which is holding you back. Drop your black jade crystal into the water + let it release its ability to ward off negative vibrations + amplify auric cleansing into the water. Pop the cork of your vial + sprinkle the rose petal powder on the surface of your bath as an offering of love to yourself. Light your botanical tea light and visualize that light entering your heart space + filling you with strength. Apply your jojoba oil to your face + gently massage with your jade roller. With each stroke away from the center of your face, visualize the removal of stress + tension from your life. Breathe, relax, enjoy + feel newfound fluidity + comfort.